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Are you the ‘different’ one in your family? The one who has never truly fit in? The one who was made wrong because you couldn’t go along with how things are done in your family?

Do you frequently think ‘I’m broken’ or ‘Something is wrong with me’?

Here’s a thought… what if you aren’t broken and never were?

What if no one is broken?

A thing can be broken – a pencil; a toy, a cell phone.

Never a human being.

What if you’re conflicted because part of you wants something, but another part of you doesn’t? Maybe you’re traumatized by something that happened years ago… Maybe you’re living in anger or fear and it feels like ‘broken’, but isn’t?

And, what if, despite your feelings about it, everything is happening perfectly, in perfect time, in the perfect place… until you’re really ready to look inside for your answers?

What if you’re open and ready now… who would you ask for help and guidance? Because, if you could have done it yourself, you’d already have done it, wouldn’t you?

It’s a fact that ‘talk therapy’, which was the only option until recently, doesn’t address the energy that’s stuck inside your body. What if there was a way to go beyond feeling the problem and talking about it – over and over and over and over for months or years?

What if you could feel more peace and have it be okay (wonderful!!) to express more of who you really are – quickly and relatively painlessly – with lasting results?

When you’re stuck, having the courage to do something different is the only hope that will get you unstuck. You can take a chance and have the conversation. It takes having a conversation to find out who is best to help you.

Click on the ‘Free Discovery Session’ button and let’s set up a time to see if we’re meant to work together. I’m here for you.

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