“I’m no longer resentful and angry.”

My son and I have reconnected and I’m so grateful!

He’s talking more; he’s calmer, more relaxed and he jokes around; he’s begun approaching me to talk about things that matter to him – none of which he did before I started The Relationship Rescue Program.

Now I’m much happier and confident about handling family issues as they come up because I have many new skills and I know when to use them. And, I’ve learned how to listen again – that’s a big, big one for me. The result is there’s much less emotional upheaval in our house.

During the Program, I let go of a lot of ‘baggage’ and suffering. I’m no longer resentful and angry, and I’m much less critical of myself. I no longer feel hurt and rejected! I feel appreciated and I’m more at peace with myself.

The Relationship Rescue Program exceeded my expectations. At first I wasn’t sure it would work for me, but now I see how it was on target. Everything I got out of this program has fallen into place to the point where             ‘I love my life!’

Merilice, Ontario, Canada



“I am so grateful and blessed!”

The Relationship Rescue Program came into my life at the perfect time! Before the program, I was feeling depressed and lost about my relationships with my adult sons.

During the program, I let go of a lot of stuck energy from my past and unhelpful, negative beliefs about myself and others.

Now, I’m slowly but surely rebuilding my relationships with both my sons.

I’ve noticed that
there is less conflict and more peace in our home.

I think it’s because I’m much more
confident and calm!

I feel more authentically me and empowered on my new path to create a better life for me and my husband.

I am so grateful and blessed!

Thanks to Wendy’s guidance and my determination to get the most from this program, I now have new perspectives, insights, practical tools, skills, and the confidence to move forward.

Wendy is a wise and gifted teacher and an intuitive, highly-skilled, honest and compassionate coach.

I rate The Relationship Rescue Program 10/10 and I highly recommend it to other moms who want a better relationship with their sons, and themselves!”

Marianne, Thunder Bay, Ontario



“I discovered the power of listening.”

When I joined the Program, I thought I was ready to learn how to reconnect with my sons.

Instead, I discovered first how to reconnect with myself: the part that was lost because of earlier losses, disappointments, and trauma.

Then I used new skills to reach out to my sons with confidence and a more open heart full of love for them.

After the negative energy from past pain and trauma were released, a new sense of calm emerged.

I discovered the power of listening rather than feeling a need to defend myself. This has opened up a whole new world of options when managing stressful situations.

I especially appreciate learning two new skills:

  1. How to stop fighting against reality and see people and situations from different perspectives which reveal new solutions to problems;
  2. Applying the power of focused gratitude which has changed my view of the world. Rather than seeing it as a dark place, it has become a place where hope and possibilities are always present.

I am grateful to Wendy for skillfully leading me on a journey of discovery. My journey to having the relationship I long for with my sons is in process – the beginning of a new chapter waiting to be written.

Debbie, Winnipeg, Manitoba



“Thank you for changing my life!”

During our first phone call, Wendy said something that brought me so much comfort.

She said, “I will be with you, I won’t leave you, I am here for you and we can do this.”

WOW, I needed to hear these words! I was all in no matter what!
I was looking forward to a better version of ‘Me”.

I knew my authentic self was in there somewhere! I desperately wanted to feel a sense of calm and quiet strength as well. I wanted to be the MOM that my children were drawn to, not the one who pushed them away.

Wendy was able to help me clear out painful emotions and deep wounds from childhood up through my years of being in a destructive marriage.

I now have room in my head to think more clearly and in my heart to feel more love toward myself and others.

I have gained strength and am empowered to be who I really am while feeling calm in stressful situations.

Past hurts and rejections have no more power over me and my thoughts.

Talk about freedom!!
I wish I had found Wendy years ago.

I am now connected with my children and am excited about our future together.

Thank you Wendy for changing my life!

Denise, Beaumont, Texas



“A superb and thorough program.”

Wendy has created a superb and thorough program.

Her tools and resources helped build me up so I could navigate and master a healthy productive path towards repairing the relationships with my adult children.

The modules and reading materials were on point. Wendy was tough and held me accountable to doing the work.

I always felt that she had a genuine desire for me to succeed in the program.

The fact that Wendy also encountered a similar experience was helpful.

Knowing this helped build a bond that created a feeling of trust and comfort. This allowed me to be successful in making gains within myself to build my confidence and feeling of self-worth.

I found Wendy to be extremely accomplished and hugely dedicated to the program and to my success.

Marilyn, Lake Wales, Florida



“I’m happier and more at peace.”

Your insights and ability to zero in on my limiting beliefs allowed me to come to conclusions more efficiently than I ever could on my own.

Yours was the voice of reason that helped me see that I wasn’t to blame, and also taught me how to make changes to my thought processes in order to understand and live with my past in a healthier way.

Knowing I had you in my corner helped to propel me forward, kept me accountable and focused on my goals.

I understand myself better and am overall happier and more at peace.”

Michelle, Scarborough, Ontario



“I’m a much better wife, mother…”

I was in therapy for 20 years and have attended many self-help workshops, but none were as transformative as the work I did with Wendy.

I let go of negative emotions from childhood experiences and hurtful beliefs about myself and others.
Not only am I happier now, but I am a much better wife, mother, friend, and person.

My relationships are much more fulfilling – including my relationship with myself…

Sarah, San Francisco, California