Are you ready to get real answers for your chronic stress, pain and sleep issues?

Yes, there’s urgency to take action now because those challenges are causing you to age prematurely!

Aging your face and your body, weakening your energy, depleting your interest in life and living long and causing you to believe there is no hope. 

Can you allow yourself to be open to the idea that you can be physically strong, have vibrant health and wellness and love your life at every age? (As long as it’s natural, legal and safe for all concerned, of course!) 🙂 


Right now, you’re suffering and I have deep empathy for you! I know you’ve been disappointed and dismissed while looking for answers. You’re wondering if ANYTHING can help you.

I want to assure you that it is possible to naturally prevent and reverse most non-urgent health and premature aging concerns. For most people, taking drugs, artificial hormones or having surgery are unnecessary, risky and a waste of time, money and energy!

How do I know? I’ve transformed my own health and wellness naturally – and I’ve  coached and mentored hundreds of other people to do it too!

Is the right person helping you sort through all the half-truths, misconceptions and lies about how you can heal?

It can be confusing and intimidating to find the support you need. It’s true you can find lots of information on the Internet, but where do you find someone who will tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t?

The standard medical system is great for acute conditions and emergencies, managing symptoms, and providing diagnostic tests, drugs, hormones and surgery. Unfortunately, it’s NOT designed to provide effective choices that heal the root cause of long-term chronic conditions that are debilitating and cause poor quality of life.

How do you select safe, effective products from a natural food store or the Internet that will go beyond symptom management and solve the root of your health and wellness challenges? Who can you trust to put your needs first (over profits and ego) and support you to find the answers that are right for you?

Consult a Trusted Expert

All successful leaders, athletes, and performers know how to get the results they’re after. They hire an expert coach who knows what works and supports them to be focused, accountable and move towards their goals over time.

It’s a strategy that is proven to work in life and health too.

My clients hire me to help them heal quicker, easier and safer than they could on their own. They trust me to draw out the answers they already have inside them, to suggest only what’s in their best interest and to support them as they make their own decisions.

What makes me qualified to do this?

Several reasons.

I’ve gone through my own healing journey – from years of physical pain that made me grimace and groan when I moved – to living pain-free in my late 50s. I’ve gone from life-long emotional pain and fear that made me feel angry, confused, unworthy and afraid that something must be wrong with me – to being confident, compassionate, and loving towards all.

To heal my life, I spent many years, thousands of dollars and a lot of energy. I took dozens of seminars, and courses, hired coaches, read hundreds of books, did thousands of internet searches, and interviewed and consulted dozens of experts.

Along the way, I earned a college diploma as a Holistic Health Practitioner and became a Certified Master Coach and Trainer. Recently, I became a published author of  ‘Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day – Look and Feel 10 Years Younger Naturally! My book is a practical ‘how-to’ guide for women who want to know exactly how to take control of their aging process and achieve glowing health and wellness.

You can only heal what’s wrong and make empowering choices when you know exactly what’s stopping you – why you don’t have what you want now. Is it fear, or other negative emotions? Limiting decisions that you made long ago? Old patterns of behavior? Old unresolved experiences that are keeping you in fear and distrust of yourself and others? Is it lack of clarity or knowledge about what’s possible? Lack of support? It’s time to find out!

Once you know exactly what what you want and what your choices are, you’ll be able to make the decisions that are right for you.

Over the years, I’ve successfully helped my clients to:

  • Reduce and eliminate pain, stress and anxiety
  • Sleep well
  • Achieve their desired weight and keep it off
  • Protect their brain as they age
  • Cleanse toxins
  • Get rid of many physical and emotional discomforts
  • Have an easier, happier menopause and feel vital, juicy, focused and happy again!
  • Look and feel 10 years younger without drugs, artificial hormones or surgery
  • Set and strengthen boundaries with others so they can have better relationships
  • Get more out of what they desire in life
  • Choose empowering emotional states instantly
  • Transform limiting decisions and beliefs e.g. ‘I’m unworthy’ ‘I’m unlovable’ or ‘My feelings aren’t as important as others,’ ‘I can’t do that.’ into beliefs that support personal peace, success, and happiness
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Transform negative emotions including anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame and rage
  • Integrate conflicting ‘parts’ e.g. ‘Part of me wants to…the other part doesn’t.’
  • Develop and maintain a high level of motivation for achieving their goals.

What is possible?

Because of all I’ve experienced in my life journey and because I am a natural nurturer – I love helping women achieve their ultimate health, wellness and best aging process  faster and easier than I did. How? I use the most advanced transformational skills on the planet and the wisdom learned from my life experiences to coach and mentor my clients.

The first part of my Mission to inspire hope and empowerment in women who are close to giving up. There IS an answer for your problem. You MUST keep searching until you have the ultimate health and wellness you desire. Know this: you CAN have the vibrant health and wellness that you desire! You CAN look and feel 10 years younger – naturally!

The second part of my Mission is to help as many women as I can to achieve their lifelong health and wellness goals NOW, because if not now, then when is a better time?!

I want to help everyone, but I know I can only help people who know they want help.  To do this work with focus and authenticity, I choose to work only with women who are open, ready and willing to transform their lives. Are you one of them?

In our sessions I create a safe place where we will explore what you want to be and begin the processes to get you there. I introduce you to transformational ‘do-with’ processes that empower how you see yourself and make choices in your life. I support, guide and mentor you to take action and step into your power to live a happier, healthier life.

Lasting change in reinforced by repetition over time and you can decide if you want support while you implement your new decisions, strategies and goals.

When we finish working together, you’ll have achieved the transformation you desire, and you’ll have the knowledge and skills to take care of yourself so you can show up magnificently in the world! 

Are you ready to take the first steps now!

It’s essential to get off the fence of indecision or half-hearted attempts to get the life you want. People can make the most of learning opportunities. Decide NOW that you deserve it and nothing is going to stop you!

Your ultimate health and wellness is an urgent matter. It’s the foundation for a happy, fulfilling life.Without it your entire life is severely limited.

When your life is full of stress, pain and ill health, you’ll NEVER fully enjoy your life. You’ll fall short of what you want to experience with your children, your romantic partner, how fast you’ll age, your money, your business or career! Even if you’re able to make lots of money, how can you enjoy it… if you’re constantly stressed and sick – and you look and feel old? I urge you to avoid settling for less than you want!

Now, I’m curious whether we’re a good fit to work together. I wonder if we can take a ‘test drive’ together in a free session. The feeling of this session will convince you either way – and I hope that you feel better when you get into action now!

As you finish reading this letter just click on the link below and set up our first meeting.

As my mentor told me: “Avoid the pain of waiting and get started!” He told me: “There’s no time like the present to take action now.”

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Wendy Vineyard Menopause Coach


Certified Master Coach & Trainer, Author, Speaker

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