Wendy Vineyard is an independently certified master coach, relationship expert, stress expert, holistic health practitioner, communications consultant, writer, author and workshop leader.

Her experiences transforming her relationship with her adult son inspired her to re-direct her coaching business to help moms who feel hurt and rejected by their adult child. She guides them to become empowered, resilient and love being more of who they really are – so they can re-build a fulfilling relationship – with themselves and their adult child.

In her previous career, Wendy worked for more than 20 years in corporate public relations and journalism until 2003 when she went back to school to study holistic health and wellness.

Over the next 15 years, she found natural healing methods that heal the root cause and produce lasting results.

She earned diplomas and certifications in several transformational processes that empower clients to accept, let go and grow so they can have fulfilling relationships, greater choices and personal peace.

Wendy is the author of “Top Secret Rules for Having a Fulfilling Relationship With Your Adult Child” and “Creating Your Plan for a New Relationship With Your Adult Child”.