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Menopause Speaker

Wendy Vineyard speaks about how to prevent and reverse premature aging naturally to audiences of 10 to 200 at business and health & wellness events and conferences.


Wendy spent 10 years researching proven methods for solving common health and wellness problems naturally – without drugs, hormones or surgery. She’s the author of Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day – Look and Feel 10 Years Younger Naturally!

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  • Self-help Techniques to Stress-less Naturally 

Constant stress contributes to many serious health conditions. It lowers productivity at work, ruins peace of mind and happiness, and,          it’s the #1 cause of premature aging! How stressed-out are you? When you apply Wendy Vineyard’s proven stress-melting methods                you’ll transform your response to stress – forever! Her dynamic, interactive presentation gives you simple, step-by-step methods that           show you exactly how to take control and limit stress for maximum health! Use these techniques anywhere, anytime, starting today.               Simple! Powerful! Practical!

  • Secret Strategies to End Sleep Challenges So You Can Feel Greater Energy, Clarity and Joy!

    Productivity, effectiveness, personality and relationships suffer when people are exhausted and stumble through their days. Wendy provides little-known ways to overcome insomnia naturally and tackle the sleep deprivation that millions of North Americans face daily. Instead of relying on drugs, there are gentle, yet powerful natural remedies that promote deep, restorative sleep. This presentation is a workplace wonder for productivity enhancement while providing value-added relief, hope and practical Do-It-Yourself solutions for sleeplessness. This is one presentation where Wendy wants the put the audience “to sleep” — but only when they get home!

     Eliminate Discomforts Without Drugs or Supplements!

    You can become pain-free without drugs! Millions of people suffer needlessly from physical and emotional pain every single day. They take drugs hoping for relief but end up needing greater quantities just to get through the day, and increase the possibility of addiction or dangerous side-effects. Wendy shares her best strategies and reveals exactly how to eliminate physical and emotional pain to improve anyone’s quality of life. This presentation includes proven, effective processes, natural products and lifestyle choices to help you let go of your pain!

    Look & Feel 10 Years Younger and Prevent Premature Aging

    These are the secrets the drug companies and surgeons do not want you to know. You can look and feel 10 years younger naturally without drugs, hormones or surgery – and within 30 days or less! Wendy reveals how to “turn back the clock” naturally without risking your health. Her methods create only one noticeable “side-effect” and that’s a dramatic boost in you feeling renewed energy and vitality! Attendees get practical, proven-effective natural choices and an introduction to an easy, step-by-step implementation process they can apply immediately.

     Solve the Mysteries of Menopause Naturally!

    Have stress and anxiety taken over your life? Have hot flashes and night sweats left you embarrassed, sleepless and exhausted? Have you gained weight around your middle that you cannot release no matter what you do? Have you become so irritable or emotional that children, pets and your partner leave the room when you enter? Welcome to the mysteries of menopause! If you’re confused and troubled about HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or how to choose natural treatments that actually work, Wendy has the answers that will make a huge difference to your health and happiness at home and work. Instead of white knuckling your way through your menopause years, you can smooth out this natural life transition into what can be the best years of your life! Wendy gives you practical, step-by-step methods to regain energy, clarity and control of your menopause!

    Introduction: Achieving Greater Resiliency

    Adverse childhood experiences, trauma experienced as an adult and ongoing home and workplace stress can cause overwhelming negative effects on workers and their workplace performance. Focus, ability to get along with others and ability to handle change all suffer when people lack strategies for coping with ongoing stress and devastating experiences. This half-day workshop for groups of up to 50 participants, is a hands-on, practical training session for immediate self-regulation and long-term resilience-building for all staff. Benefits include empowered workers who have self-care strategies to manage their stress at work and home, improved concentration, calmer moods, greater adaptability to change, enhanced wellness, team-building, increased cooperative relationships, reduced workplace absenteeism and lower staff turnover.

Contact: Wendy@WendyVineyard.com or 1-416-265-3458

Beat Stress Naturally

Stop Premature Aging
Stop Pain Naturally

“I’ve known Wendy Vineyard for more than four years – as a business associate, holistic health practitioner and caring friend. She’s a professional in everything she does. She has very high integrity, knows a lot about natural healing and she’s committed to helping people
who are ready to improve their emotional and physical health. Wendy is an inspirational leader, speaker and trainer – always willing to share her knowledge.

Aniela Szuflita
Etobicoke, Ontario

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