Stress Management – Tapping


How to Tap

The Tapping Points:

  1. Beginning of eyebrow
  2. Side of eye
  3. Under eye
  4. Under nose
  5. Chin crease
  6. Collarbone area
  7. Under arm (about 4″ down)
  8. Top of head (crown area)

Preparation: Identify a specific physical or emotional problem, or troublesome memory. Observe how it feels to you on the intensity scale of 1 to 10 – 10 indicates that it’s as intense as it can get, and 1 means the problem is barely there. This will help you see your progress when you’re finished tapping.

THE SET-UP: While continuously tapping the Karate Chop point (side of hand), say the Set-Up
Phrase three times: “Even though I have this [state the problem], I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself anyway.”….or “I’m still a good person” or “I’m still okay,”

THE SEQUENCE: Tap gently at least 7-10 times on each point, starting at the beginning of the eyebrow and follow the sequence above. Tap firmly enough to feel a little bounce. As you tap each point, say a reminder phrase e.g. “this problem”, “this anger”, “this craving”, “feeling so sad”. It’s important to tune into your specific problem or incident as you tap. This ‘negative’ tapping acknowledges what you’re really feeling and it’s an important part of healing.

If you prefer, an alternate form of tapping is for you to be honest and open as you think about your problem. Use short phrases to describe exactly how you’re feeling now when you think about your problem and tap on all the points. If you run out of things to say, just repeat what you’ve already said and keep tapping. Finish tapping on top of your head. Take a slow deep breath and exhale.

Observe how you’re feeling now on the intensity scale. Has it gone down? Do another round until you feel the intensity diminish. You’re aiming for ‘0’! Pay attention to your thoughts. Tap on the positive aspects for a round or two.

By now you should be feeling better. Check in with yourself. Has the intensity dropped?

Some problems are resolved quickly, while others may require you to tap regularly twice a day for a few days, or longer. You may find it helps to work with an EFT practitioner.


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