How I went from unhappily married and trapped and then sick to happy healthy and truly alive!

And why working with me may not be for you!

but first, here’s my story…

About 25 years ago, I was trapped in a very unhappy marriage. Anyone who can relate knows it’s really difficult to find the courage to leave something you’ve worked so hard at for so long.

I knew there must be more to life out there for me so once I finally did leave that situation, I thought things would get much better.

But the opposite was true.

All the emotional negativity and stress that I was storing up from my previous unhappy relationship began to manifest in my physical body.

I’m a very pragmatic person and I wanted to get to the bottom of this and treat the causes rather than the symptoms

I began a journey to discover the true cause of my illness.

Conventional Medicine is well known for providing excellent band-aids and treatments for symptoms but at the time was definitely lacking interest or ability in the area of treating the cause of my illness.

Through my healing journey, I tried and tested many alternative healing methods and discovered what really works and what does not.

My experience has taught me that the mind and body are not separate and that the body simply reflects what is held in mind.

That may sound like an oversimplification, but I can say without a doubt that how you think and feel matters to your health and your body.

What you say to yourself and how you say it also matters as well as your beliefs about your condition and your chosen treatment.

Even conventional medicine acknowledges this in that every drug that is ever approved for the market has a placebo study alongside the effects of the drug.  It is proven that if someone believes strongly enough in a drug’s ability to heal and they believe they are taking the drug, healing occurs anyway – even if they were part of the placebo group.

The only way this is possible is through the power of the mind.

By learning to master my own mind, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, attitudes, feelings, sensations and behaviors, I was able to heal myself from my illnesses, find the love of my life and find true happiness.

I found and addressed the true cause of these conditions and interestingly I found success in other areas of my life as well.

It’s unfortunate, but we are never taught growing up the real power of our minds and when really serious illness strikes it is essential that we learn.

Often times conventional medicine will fail as a result of the person losing all hope, giving up and not responding to treatments any further.

Hope is an essential ingredient in all forms of healing whether conventional or alternative.

So if having no doubt about your ability to heal is something you want and having a choice about your body and your mind is something you want to learn how to have…

I am happy to guide and share my 20 plus years of experience, in hope, healing, and happiness with you.

With Light and Love,

Wendy Vineyard