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Whether it’s five pounds or 10 or more, weight gain at menopause is an unwelcome risk!

Weight gain can be sneaky – especially around menopause.

Experts predict most women will gain 10 to 15 pounds, or more(!) during their menopause years. That can amount to an added dress size! Those pounds can sneak on unnoticed at the rate of 1 to 1½ pounds a year and many of them will land on your belly!

“That won’t happen to me!” you may say, but your hormones are changing and so is your metabolism; you likely have reduced muscle mass because of aging and a less active lifestyle plus other factors that contribute towards fat gain as we age.

Weight control during menopause is more important than how you look because when fat increases, so does your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, breast and colon cancer.

Women in their forties and fifties may need more protein, fewer carbohydrates and about 200 calories fewer per day than women in their twenties and thirties. They may need to exercise a little more, or make a few healthier lifestyle choices to keep their weight where they want it…

What are you willing to do to prevent or eliminate extra fat on your body?

Below are a few ‘stop and start’ suggestions that many women find effective. They’ll help you melt away your extra fat and keep it off. Avoid overwhelm by starting too many at the same time! Slowly adopt permanent healthy lifestyle choices for your best life!

  • Stop eating wheat products, including the ones you’ve been told are ‘healthy’ for you. Many women notice their bellies reduce almost overnight when they avoid eating foods made with wheat.
  • Stop drinking that glass or two of wine with dinner every night. It’s a direct route to weight gain.
  • Stop eating anything past 6 pm. Drink water or herbal tea only. Avoid juices which have too much sugar.
  • Stop eating or drinking anything with added sugar – your body stores those calories as fat.
  • Tired of your jelly belly? Women during their menopause years typically notice extra belly fat and feel dismayed when it proves to be difficult to get rid of it. Now researchers are identifying natural and nutrient-dense foods that when eaten regularly – reduce abdominal fat – especially when combined with regular exercise and eliminating your intake of non-foods (chips, candy and desserts), alcohol, sugar and fried foods. Belly-fat eliminators include apples – try eating three apples a day, watermelons, tomatoes (large: 33 calories), bananas (75 to 135 calories) tart cherries, raw celery (a negative calorie food – 8 calories per rib), avocados – a nutrition powerhouse, and kelp noodles (6 calories).
  • Start reducing your stress which triggers your adrenals to release cortisol, which causes increased appetite and sugar cravings that result in weight gain.
  • Start taking a mineral supplement. Here are two little-known nutrition secrets…Research says your body is actually craving micronutrients (minerals) when you think it wants salty junk food! And, you cannot absorb vitamins when you lack minerals that are missing from food that’s grown in minerally-depleted soil. When you satisfy your body with the nutrients it requires, you’ll significantly reduce those cravings for fatty, 0-nutrient foods that are contributing to your weight gain.
  • Start going for a 30-minute walk as your first priority every morning or buy and use a personal rebounder for 10 minutes to get fresh oxygen into your brain and body and rev up your metabolism for the day. I use and recommend the Cellerciser brand.
  • Start eating healthier snacks such as 6 to 8 raw almonds and/or walnuts, plain yogurt, fresh apples or pears, or a small piece of dark chocolate. (Try 3 or 4 pieces of Prana brand’s 1/2 inch square 70% dark chocolate pieces in the 300 g bag.) For the added benefit of a mindfulness break, close your eyes and savor each bite! Store the bag in a hard-to-reach location to reduce mindless eating!
  • Start cooking with coconut oil rather than butter or other oils! Yes, coconut oil has been proven to help release body-fat!
  • Start paying attention to getting restful sleep every night. Poor sleep can lead to weight gain over time. If hot flashes, night sweats or stress interfere with your sleep, avoid medication and experiment with natural sleep methods, or consult a sleep expert.
  • Start doing a nutritional cleanse three to four times a year. It’s a healthy weight management tool since it releases the fat that stores body toxins, adds nutrients and reduces calories. Most cleansers notice pounds and inches lost in days.

Yes, with a little care and planning, you can avoid or eliminate weight gain during your menopause years!

If you want help with the finer points of weight loss and keeping it off such as – accountability, creating a healthier relationship between food and your appetite, creating your healthier lifestyle, dealing with cravings, etc. make an appointment with me through this website today!

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