Wendy Vineyard is an author, holistic health practitioner, board-certified coach and trainer.

Wendy Vineyard

Wendy Vineyard is an author, holistic health practitioner, board-certified coach, and speaker. She guides women in their 40s and beyond to achieve their ultimate physical and emotional health, and to look and feel 10 years younger naturally.

Wendy believes women can – at any age – transform their lives. I believe everyone has magnificence inside them. The keys to accessing these unique gifts are to clean up the negative stuff, clearly identify what you value and what you want, then dedicate the right amount of time, money and energy to create a life of abundance and joy.” 

Wendy has coached hundreds of women and supported them to discover and achieve their goals for lasting wellness.

Since 2010, Wendy has inspired and supported women to thrive through menopause and beyond, without drugs or added hormones. Her website, www.NaturalMenopauseNow.com, has become a key resource for women seeking safe, natural solutions to their menopause challenges.

Wendy is the author of Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day – Look and Feel 10 Years Younger – Naturally! This book, to be published later this year by Black Card Books, is designed so readers can easily and quickly develop powerful habits to ‘auto-magically’ improve their health and life.

“Once you establish the right healthy daily habits, you’re on your way to looking and feeling 10 years younger than your chronological age.”

Wendy is the co-author of ‘Trusted Experts’, 2013; and author of ‘Eat Well, Live Well – Wellness Guide & Recipes for Vibrant Health’, 2011.

In 2003, Wendy went back to school to study her life-long passions for holistic nutrition and natural healing. She earned a holistic health practitioner diploma from Transformational Arts Collage in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and went on to become a qualified Reiki Master, aromatherapist, reflexologist, EFT practitioner and cleanse coach. She later earned Board Certifications for NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching and TimeLine Therapy.

She has a degree in journalism and had a 20-year career as a reporter, and public relations consultant.

One a personal note, Wendy is married and the mother of a 24-year-old son.

Testimonials for Wendy Vineyard

Wendy, I’m so happy and grateful for your services and guidance in helping me unblock repressed emotions and release some old patterns. Your NLP knowledge is invaluable and I’m so impressed and grateful for the healing process we went through together. You taught me some powerful techniques and gave me very useful tools. You are a skilled teacher and healer and I immensely benefited from your knowledge and expertise. I feel like a new, empowered person! Thank you, Wendy, for leading me on a successful transformational journey that exceeded my expectations.

– Jane French
  Toronto, Ontario


Wendy is a very dedicated coach and she has a big heart, always willing to lend an ear. Most importantly she is very knowledgeable and is willing to go the extra mile for anyone who needs her help. She is definitely a true teacher and the greatest coach. Thank you most sincerely Wendy for all that you have done for me.

– Devi Lalbahadur-Guerin
  Queens, N.Y.


I had a great Breakthrough Session with Wendy, she was absolutely fantastic with me. I had huge trust issues with myself and others, which left me alone and “stuck” in my business and relationships. Wendy really cared about me and was committed to help me make the changes I wanted and needed in my life.

I now have a new outlook on life, possibilities are endless. I feel  I can now do all the things I have dreamed about doing.

Thank you Wendy for caring and making me feel safe. I would truly recommend Wendy to anyone who seeks to better their lives and to realize how awesome they really are.

– Althea R.
  Toronto, Ontario



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